Casper’s Council of People with Disabilities presents survey findings, 2021 plans – Casper Star Tribune

Date Published: January 15, 2021


Representatives from Casper’s Council of People with Disabilities appeared at Tuesday’s City Council work session to present findings from a citywide transportation survey and to consult with the council on ways to make transit better and more accessible for the city’s disabled citizens.

The CCPD gathered data in a 10-question survey between June and September and analyzed the results to come up with a few key projects to focus on in 2021. Among them are expanding rideshare and taxi access for people with disabilities, compiling transportation resources and pursuing relationships with rideshare companies and medical providers to improve accessibility for health care visits.

“From the council’s inception, transportation has been recognized as a key quality of life issue,” CCPD Quality of Life Subcommittee chair Zulima Lopez said. “Access to reliable, affordable transportation is critical. It allows people with disabilities to care for themselves and to be independent.”

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