Episode 1 – Adam Thielker – Transit Planning 4 All Podcast Series

Date Published: June 5, 2020

The Transit Planning 4 All Podcast Series examines what we know about today’s most urgent inclusive transit planning challenges and how we can make progress in addressing them. In a series of conversations, transportation planners and advocates share lessons learned in their journey towards inclusive transportation planning. Inclusive processes for transportation planning actively involve older adults and people with disabilities and leads to the development of community and public transportation programs that effectively meet the needs of the people for whom they are designed to serve.

Episode 1 of the Transit Planning 4 All Podcast Series features guest speaker Adam Thielker, a public transportation activist. Mr. Thielker has been working for transportation justice in Worcester, Massachusetts for nearly three years with the Transportation Advocacy Coalition and Ridership Advisory Committee, both organized with the help of Worcester Community Connections.

As a daily rider and advocate for public transport, Adam shares his experiences, challenges, successes, and lessons learned in navigating the maze of effective transportation advocacy and planning. Listen as he discusses the importance of understanding local and regional transportation systems, the role of networking and coalition building with other groups, connecting transit goals such as improving convenience of public transit with other issues such as the environment, health, and road congestion, lobbying for transit funding with elected officials, and effectively advocating for and including the voices of riders in transportation planning efforts.

Transcription can be viewed here.