What the Project Offers

What the Project Offers

The project’s goal is to support communities nationwide in adopting proven, sustainable, and replicable models that include participation of people with disabilities and older adults in the design and implementation of coordinated transportation systems that are responsive to their needs. We offer an array of information and resources to support these efforts.

Local community teams design and implement ways to engage older adults and people with disabilities in the transportation planning process. The project regularly conducts an application
process that allows for organizations with inclusiveness in place, or looking to implement inclusiveness, to receive funding and support to further the reach of their engagement.

Transportation Planning 4 All Guide

The TP4A website houses a number of materials of value to those interested in implementing or furthering inclusionary practices in transportation planning. Foremost is the Transportation Planning 4 All Guide .

The Guide represents a framework for seeing where your organization is in terms of inclusion and how to sustain and develop inclusion further.

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Our Resources


The Projects section shows past projects as case studies for examples of solutions that may work in your community, as well as current ongoing projects. Obstacles faced, programs implemented, and insights gleaned are discussed.

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The Resources section of TP4A’s website has documents and media related to the inclusive transportation planning process such as interviews with past grantees, literature, tips on holding inclusive meetings and how to best engage local residents in the planning process.

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TP4A’s new blog has frequent postings on recent happenings in the realm of transportation planning; highlighting current news related to community-based transportation planning, the status of past implementation projects, and beyond it allows readers to stay up-to-date on best practices in inclusionary planning.

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