Virtual Roundtable: Steering Committees for Inclusive Transit Planning

Date Published: September 13, 2023

Date: August 31, 2023

How do you form a successful steering committee? This 1-hour roundtable explored inclusive strategies and lessons learned for developing steering committees that increase trust, strengthen communication and ultimately, improve coordinated transportation services for older adults and people with disabilities.

Transit Planning 4 All is an inclusive transportation planning project that has funded a series of pilot projects across the nation. For each project, a steering committee that included people with disabilities, older adults, and other stakeholders helped guide the project. In this roundtable, project managers from past TP4A grants discussed challenges and successes in forming their steering committees.


  • Angel Bond manages the Mobility for All (M4A) program in Boulder County, Colorado. With the TP4A grant, M4A implemented a volunteer driver program in the mountains and launched a technology education project. Learn more about the M4A project here.
  • Margo Iñiguez Dawes is with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) in Seattle, Washington. SDOT worked with TP4A on an inclusive Mobility on Demand project. The project provided vouchers to older adults, people with disabilities, and caregivers to use with already existing on-demand ride services. Learn more about the SDOT pilot implementation here and their inclusive planning process here.
  • Estella Hollander is a transportation planner at Mountain Line, the public transit agency in the city of Flagstaff, Arizona. Through a TP4A Mobility on Demand grant, Mountain Line implemented a microtransit pilot in an area of Flagstaff with over 10 health & human service agencies which was previously unserved by public transit. Learn more about Mountain Line’s project here.

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