Eno Center: Puget Sound: Evaluation of the Use and Performance of the MOD Pilot

Date Published: May 26, 2022

Sound Transit and King County Metro teamed as sub-recipients on a project led by Los Angeles Metro (LA Metro) to demonstrate the viability of a partnership with a private sector transportation network company to increase access to transit through the provision of on-demand, first-mile/last-mile transit access services. The Via to Transit pilot project was designed to achieve four goals:

  • Improve mobility by expanding access to transit
  • Test how to develop a partnership with a private sector mobility company
  • Broaden transportation network company (TNC) access to a wider audience, including populations without smartphones, those who need wheelchair accessible vehicles, unbanked populations, low-income populations, people of color, and populations with limited English proficiency
  • Inform best practices and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) guidance for public-private partnerships.

This independent evaluation report concentrates on the actual ridership impacts of Via service; that is, how many people chose to use Via, whether those individuals represented all segments of the population living in the study area, and whether the availability of the Via service for first-mile/last-mile trip making changed their use of Link light rail.

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