Holding Inclusive Events: A Guide to Accessible Event Planning

Date Published: November 21, 2022

What is this guide?

This guide has the instructions to set up accessible events and conferences. Accessible means people can fully participate in conferences. Accessible event planning includes four steps. These four steps are universal design, physical accessibility, sensory accessibility, and cognitive accessibility. Here is what each of these steps means:

Universal Design

  • Universal design means everyone can go and take part at an event. Physical accessibility, sensory accessibility, and cognitive accessibility must happen for everyone to take part. • Physical Accessibility: The space has no problems for wheelchair users and people with vision disabilities
  • Sensory Accessibility: The event is safe for people with allergies. There are accommodations for people who are Blind, Deaf, or hard of hearing.
  • Cognitive Accessibility: Give clear information about the event. Provide all material in different formats and plain language. Let people know what to expect in advance.
  • Accept and deal with accessibility needs that are different from yours.

This Event Planning Guide includes an accessibility checklist and a sample accommodations form.